Thursday, June 03, 2010


A(n Almost) State Function Involving Teas

I fondly remember my lightly fermented Scottish breakfast tea, but sometimes one doesn't have the ingredients. Thankfully we have Pu Li tea (presumably Pu-Erh tea would work as well), tawny port (I should learn though not to save money by buying Cockburns), honey, molassis, regular soy milk and garam masala (tea masala would likely be better). Making the Pu Li tea via the directions but with about a tablespoon of port, a splash of soy milk and sweetening and seasoning to taste is about equivalent to my fermented tea. The difference is that the fermentation is first (in making the Pu Li tea itself) then the nog is assembled in situ from the spices, soy milk, port and molasis, while the honey (and spices) give flavors given by the Drambuie. The port also provides some of the smokiness of scotch and wine-notes of the sherry.

Not quite the same product mixing up the order like this -- so fermented tea beverage production is not quite a state function. But it's almost the same ... hence the title.

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