Monday, October 02, 2017


A Pre-Sukkot Poem

What if a prophet arose here and now?
How would the self-proclaimed righteous respond?
Would they declare the prophet who seeks the salvation of the nation
To be un-patriotic?
Would the religious declare those who kneel in prayer
To be divisive, dividing five members in one household?

What if the Bat Kol proclaimed Liberty throughout the land
And unto all of its inhabitants thereof  --
Including "those people" --
All to the sound of the Great Shofar?
Will we claim that Keynes did not understand economics?

For we have become a foreskin upon the Earth
Preventing the land from having its Sabbath rest
If we do not proclaim a Jubilee in Joy and a Sabbath in Happiness
The land will circumcise itself
It has already begun to cleanse itself as Satan stands accusing us
For we have broken the Covenant of Noach

Tear out Satan
Rip apart the chains
Proclaim liberty
Sound the great shofar
Stop and Rejoice!
Stop and Sing!
For if we do not grant liberty and rest to the land
There will be no more joy, no more gladness, no more song
When the land takes its own rest on its terms

Answer us on the day that we call
On the day we finally ask Where is the Place of Honor?

Let us grant ourselves a Place of Honor
Rather than building ourselves an Idol
Let us bring down the World Ash Tree that is The Ashera Pole
And be as gods, as children of the Most High
Rather than erecting a Tophet to worship Molech
Let us proclaim liberty and sound the great shofar
Let us delight in the Sabbath and rejoice in the Jubilee

We must let ourselves open our hearts
To pound wisdom and penny foolishness
To portentous signs and good fortune
Open our hearts to revere Thee
And not rely upon any Son of Man
Or to hide behind an Angel we pretend does not exist

The prophets have spoken
Their Word is all around us
The Bat Kol would cause of to tremble
If we would listen
But we fast in contention
Rather than feasting in celebration

Behold a choice between life and death
Famine and harvest
Is at hand
Our hope, our light and our salvation
Is for us to Proclaim Liberty

For the stone the builder rejected
Will be atop the archway
Of the gates of righteousness
 So we must care for even the stone
The builder rejected
We must grant even the soil under our feet the dignity of leisure

We have only to ask
Where is the Place of Honor?
We have only to proclaim
Liberty across the Earth
We have only to renew
The Covenant of Noach
And if we fail in our task
The punishment is being cut off in banishment from our only Home
Like the refugees we have cut off  when
We have failed to observe the Laws of the Sabbath and Jubilee

Heal us!
Prosper us!

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