Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What should I file this under?

I wonder if this is a case of "there is no more racism in America" or "liberals, like those pointy-heads in Taxachusetts are the real racists"? Or will right-blogostan even take a break from "teh white menz are being oppressed" to even notice this story?

Update: judging by the comments on The Root itself, it looks like the "explanation" for how this sort of thing can happen since there is officially no racism in this country (gag) is that Gates brought it on himself by not immediately playing step-and-fetchit with respect to his ID.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


I Think I Tracked It Down

A while back I posted about a cigar I had in Bal'more of which I didn't quite catch the name. I think I've finally figured it out: it was one of the Oliva Master Blends III cigars, which do vary from year to year.

I guess I should, in the absence of finding one in the cameroon wrapper as I had it, maybe I should have an Oliva Series G?


Long Awaited (albeit by whom?) Weekly Parsha Blogging

How do Zionists deal with this week's Parsha in which we Jews are praised as a "people" ("am") different than all the "nations" ("goyim")? After all, the whole point of Zionism, pace whatever anti-Zionists imagine it to be, is that Israel is a nation like other nations?

OTOH, if we would have read Hukkat separately from Balak, we would have read the story Jeptha in which we see the neighbors of the Hebrew people acting, well, just like Israel's neighbors too often act today. Such disingenuity ... to which, of course, the anti-Zionists are blind -- I wonder why? ( / sarcasm ).

Still, Jeptha is really a piece of work, ain't he? Of course, the Zionists would consider someone like Jeptha a hero, and that we should ignore his shortcomings, etc. ... because he's on the right side in re Zionism, everything he did is ok as far as Zionists are concerned?

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