Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What should I file this under?

I wonder if this is a case of "there is no more racism in America" or "liberals, like those pointy-heads in Taxachusetts are the real racists"? Or will right-blogostan even take a break from "teh white menz are being oppressed" to even notice this story?

Update: judging by the comments on The Root itself, it looks like the "explanation" for how this sort of thing can happen since there is officially no racism in this country (gag) is that Gates brought it on himself by not immediately playing step-and-fetchit with respect to his ID.

Of course there's racism - less than there was, but still plenty to go around. The cops were checking out a B&E, which is their job. They challenged someone to prove that he had a right to be there. If Gates had quietly done so, they'd likely have left. He didn't. He overreacted, then they overreacted, then Obama overreacted.
I suspect, though, if I were in his place (even as a white person), I would over-react too. And you know what? The cops would try to diffuse the situation (isn't that part of their training?). I would certainly imagine I wouldn't get arrested.

Moreover, for better or for worse (it's probably really good to be a white burglar), the passerby wouldn't have called the police if she saw two white men trying to enter the house.
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