Tuesday, March 23, 2010


All you need to know about the politics today ...

... and why it is so messed up:

Before all the sausage making to ensure the Health Care Reform (HCR) bill got passed -- people supported HCR.

Now that there is an actual bill about to be signed into law -- people don't support the bill ("even the liberal" CNN has a poll telling us so) because, get this, the bill is "too liberal" ... even though the plan people supported was actually more liberal than the bill currently about to be signed into law!

So let's see here: Senators and Congress-critters, who presumably wanting to be re-elected will support that which is popular, are afraid the plans for HRC are too liberal / go too far. Fair enough, I guess. But then they water the bill down during which process those who oppose the bill are able to convince people the bill is "too liberal". Nu? By worrying that HCR will be perceived as too liberal, the moderate wankers create a situation where the bill is, well, perceived as too liberal.

It's full political employment for moderate wankers (moderates wank off, which convinces people that "both sides are equally bad and full of wankers and the truth lies somewhere in the middle" so then people vote for moderate wankers), I guess. But shouldn't someone, somewhere at the DNC or Pelosi's office or Rahm Emmanuel or someone realize that this vicious cycle of wankerdom is hurting the Democrats and the Progressive/Liberal causes they claim to support?

I mean you can either make sure Senators and Congress-critters know that doing the right and liberal thing is also politically popular or you can let the wankers wank away until suddenly something less liberal than what was popular in the first place is now too liberal. And what does that mean for liberalism and the Overton window?

So why is the Democratic leadership so objectively pro-wanker and pro-letting the Overton window lurch left? Are they stupid? Are they evil?

I vote for them being "duck fondlers".

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