Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Not Everyone ...

... who throws excrement at you is your enemy and not everyone who pulls you out of excrement is your friend ...

I am not sure if I support an Israeli withdrawl from the Golan Heights (if such a withdrawl does occur, how will a demilitarization, necessary for Israel's security, be enforced? and who will compensate those who've invested much in viticulture in the Golan? as for me, I'm just selfish about it and wanna be able to continue to be able to purchase fine wines such as they produce there ... btw, which lack of support places me to the "right" of a sizeable minority in Israel, even as I am still to the "left" of most American Jews as far as Israeli issues are concerned -- what does that say about the views of American Jews on Israel vs. the views of those who actually live there? hmm ... ), but this article raises an interesting point (that probably applies to "supporters" of the US as well as of Israel): taking a hard line doesn't necessarily lead to long term security -- in fact it can undermine it. Certainly, we should be very leary of those Americans who would (see the comments) "fight to the last Israeli" -- are they really pro-Israel? -- and even more leary of those who want Israel to be "strong" so as to bring on Armeggeden. There is no free lunch, and those who think that Israel gets right-wing support in this country with no strings attached, should like at the pernicious influence on Israeli policy of the support of certain, e.g., American lobbies.

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