Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I Know Some Conservatives. A Conservative is a Great Friend of Mine. And You, Mr. President, are no Conservative

Conservatives are picking up what I have been thinking for a while now -- Pres. Bush is no conservative in that he doesn't seem to want to conserve anything in particular. He is a pure right wing / reactionary (props to my parents for teaching me from a very young age about the difference).

But are other conservatives calling GWB a reactionary? Nope. They're calling him -- get this -- a liberal, I guess 'cause that's, as far as they're concerned, the worst epithat ever.

So now they are blaming Bush policies on "liberals" trying to further mischaracterize and discredit us.

Of course, it could be as I've also worried -- that liberal is a code-word here; i.e., they're starting in the direction of blaming all of BushCO's bad decisions on us Jews (as someone pointed out, GWB is not Hitler ... he's the Kaiser, the GWOT is "the Great War", and it's upon the resurgence of paleo-conservativism that we really have to worry about someone to whom Hitler comparisons would more alarmingly accurately attach). I guess inside every paranoid person must be someone who is not sufficiently really concerned about real threats -- otherwise how would those sorts of my coreligionists, who are quick to see anti-Semitism everywhere even where it doesn't really exist, not be able to see that when neo-conservativism went predictably wrong, that the right would predictably start blaming the Jews (if only at first in code words). What happened to the supposed intelligence of my people? How did we get from Benjamin Disraeli and Albert Einstein to Bobo Brooks and Richard "Math is Hard" Cohen?

I just wish some people would learn the lesson of the parable of the bird, the ox and the fox: not everyone who dumps feces on you is your enemy and not everyone who digs you out of feces is your friend. Just because someone criticizes Israel doesn't make them an anti-Semite. And just because someone is a "friend" of Israel doesn't make them a friend of us Jews. The ones who want a strong Israel so that way it'll bring on an Armeggedon in which all but a small remanent of Jews is destroyed are obviously not interested in Israel sticking around for the long haul, and some of those who would be the first to help us Jews all move to a greater Israel are the ones who may in the future be the first ones to "help" us into the trains going you-know-where.

Let's wisen up about who these righty-tighties are and not express "shock" when they turn on us and start blaming us all for their demented policies.

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