Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So Hevesi Won the Primary ...

I am not saying this because I live in the NY28'th assembly district (we don't live in the fancy part of Forest Hills ... heck we aren't even in the city council district for Forest Hills) nor because I happen to know Joe Fox and know he's a stand-up sort of guy, but ... who votes for someone like Young Hevesi?

I would have thought that Joe Fox's well-oiled campaign would have trounced Hevesi. Similarly, who votes for Koslowitz? Not that I have anything against her and she may be a very fine councilwoman, but given the campaigns by so many exciting new candidates for city council, how come Koslowitz won that race?

I know that incumbents (although Koslowitz wasn't an incumbent per se, she had the seat before) have some degree of advantage, if only due to name recognition and that they are known quantities, but when you have a nayfish like the Young Hevesi running, how much advantage can being an incumbent be?

And yet people still vote for them. People complain about entrenched politicians in the City Council, Albany, DC, etc., but if nobody voted for incumbents, then we wouldn't have these entrenched interests, would we?


Who votes for incumbents?

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