Sunday, July 04, 2010


Another Sparkling Wine to my Taste

Freixenet Carta Nevada (Brut). It's a little bit sweeter than a typical brut but doesn't quite taste as candied-fruit like as Cristalino. It is actually a kind of Vueve Clicquot or even Alsatian-style sparkly ... well, actually considering how much it knocks you off your feet, it's perhaps even a Bulgarian-style sparkly!

I don't know what possessed my lovely wife to buy it, but I am glad she did. Since Vueve Clicquot is getting so expensive and since they seem to have decreased the dosage or something in Abarbanel Cremant D'Alsace (and it's hard to find any other good cremants or similar sparklies), I'm glad we discovered this wine.

Now to find another cigar to my tastes since it's so hard to find Onyx Reserve nowadays and Black Pearl Roja was never really findable ...

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