Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Some Strategic Advice for Israel

I'm a bad chess player, so maybe one shouldn't listen to my advice on "strategery" but maybe next time the Israeli navy intercepts a "flotilla" maybe they should be armed with lots of rocks and have their ships armed with the same rockets that are fired out of Gaza.

That way when anybody complains about Israel's "response" the Israelis can point out exactly how "proportionate" it is. Just a thought ...

Another thought -- many in Israel and in the larger Jewish community feel, with very, very good reason, that no matter what Israel does, Israel will be condemned. The problem with this attitude is that if you think everyone is out to get you no matter what, you don't, no matter how much effort you supposedly put into Hasbara, actually make decisions that are "defensible" (because you figure no matter what you do, you won't be able to defend it ...). Which means everyone does hate you because you do so many "indefensible" things. Thus the paranoia of the right hand of the Jewish community is quite self-fulfilling.

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