Tuesday, September 22, 2009


NPR Translated

I heard the most ridiculous interview on NPR yesterday of Carl Levin. It was a picture of exactly what is wrong with the media. So, in this vein, I'll give my "transcript"

Madeliene Brand: As a news reporter, it is my job to tell both sides of any story. You, who as chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee speaks for every Democrat about any matter related to the military, disagree with the report of the Great and Manly General McChrystal that says we must surge in Afghanistan now lest we loose the war there. But you and Obama do not want to send more troops to their death. Why are you disagree with this report? I'm a liberal, I'm willing to listen to and even agree with your sentiments about keeping America weak.

Carl Levin: Um, who told you either Pres. Obama or I disagree with the report? Did you actually read the report? It specifically calls people who interpret the report as meaning "just send more troops and ... um ... ponies" complete idiots who are potentially too stupid to breath

M. Brand: Journalistic imperatives tell me that there are two sides of every story. We've heard about what the report says. Now I am trying to be a good journalist and get your side of the story. Could you please explain why you disagree with Gen. McChrystal's report?

C. Levin: Didn't I tell you that I do not disagree with the report?

M. Brand: Why do we liberals like to be soft in waging war? Why does Obama hesitate before sending troops into battle to die? Why doesn't he support Gen. McChrystal's findings?

C. Levin: Didn't I just tell you that everyone agrees with the report? Did you read the report? It specifically calls people who misinterpret its recommendations in the exact way you insist on misinterpreting the report's recommendations complete blundering, blabbering idiots.

M Brand: In order to have a story, I must continue to act as if there is disagreement. Why do you disagree with the report?

C. Levin: Are you a complete nitwit and numbskull? For the umpteenth time, I do not disagree with Gen. McChrystal's recommendations

... and this is NPR which is (supposed to be) a cut above most other media outlets ... and journalists wonder why no-one listens to or reads the news anymore?

Anyway, it was certainly NPR. No-one was shouting and everyone was super-duper polite (that M. Brand was so polite to Sen. Levin will be yet another piece of "evidence" that NPR is teh liberal socialist propaganda ... and thus what M. Brand claimed the liberal position to be will be deemed by the GOP to be the liberal position -- thanks NPR for giving the GOP talking points!) ... which was amazing ... if I were Levin, I don't think I could have remained so polite ...

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