Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Blog Assignment

Since I am so busy teaching, I've not had time to blog, I'll give you all (all 5 of you who read this blog) a Yom Kippur themed essay assignment: discuss the prelude to the Kol Nidre where we just declare it lawful to pray with our fellow sinners in light of Blu Greenberg's statement "where there is a Rabbinic will, there is a Halachic way" and relate Jewish conceptions of Halacha with Schopenhauer's concept of "will". Relate your discussion to the health care debate, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict or some other current issue in either Jewish or secular spheres.

Come on, I make a 6th!

I started coming here because you made that rather overly sophisticated protein folding comparison in the big religion-fest over at Pandagon. I didn't think the audience as a whole really understood what you were saying to even comprehend the underlying science as practiced uses both deduction and induction (and a touch of aesthetic irrationality).

Anyways, that got me more interested in what you have to say, so blog on!

Thank you for the vote of confidence and a big hearty DAS blog welcome in case I've not given you one yet!
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