Friday, June 12, 2009


Today's the Big Day ...

... in which the government is going to force all of us who live in big buildings having roof-top antennas that don't receive UHF signals well to get cable.

I wonder if, even though this whole DTV mess started during the era of Bush & CO, the GOP will use this as another example of how "Democratic governments interfere in your lives and make things more expensive and force you to do stuff you wouldn't do", etc., etc.?


Well, whaddya know! Our "high definition", "digital" television doesn't actually have a digital tuner ... so I guess I need to get the converter box after all. I wonder, though, given that we can barely receive any signals in our apartment (and our rooftop antenna can't receive UHF signals worth beans), if even after I get said converter box (if I can find one) we'll have TeeVee.


Update: the Alberich household now has entered the DTV age. And you know what? Nu ...

Anyway, our rooftop antenna receives a few channels (but not all) and the amplified antenna I purchased gets the rest, so we have DTV ... but it sure ain't all that. My wife likes it though.

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