Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is Our Media Learning? Misc. Thoughts ...

The news reports are chalk full of complaints about the MTA's rate hikes and service cuts (etc.). Fair enough -- this is a big story with horrible consequences to strap hangers. But since this is such a big story, why are the media only just complaining? The MTA/NYCTC are chalk full of waste, corruption and bad management. Why isn't the media investigating this? You'd think that they would want to rush to get the "big story of MTA malfeasance" ... and yet ... what ever happened to investigative journalism? or, for that matter, journalism?

If the media don't want to be "replaced" by bloggers, perhaps they should do things that someone blogging whilst procrastinating about facing a horrendously long to-do list simply cannot do?


For all the so-called liberal media's lurve of Obama (well, compared to how they usually treat Dems, they are showing favoritism to Obama), they certainly don't treat him as well as they did Chimpy McFlightsuit. The media here in NYC have rightly been up in arms about yesterday's "photo op". Again, fair enough. But, pace the rightwing intertubes whom I imagine are pretty much claiming that the media went after Cmdr Codpiece for his stupid photo-ops whilst, I imagine the wingnuts claiming, they are treating Obama with kid-gloves on this, could you imagine the response (given, e.g. the media's response to all of Chimpy McFlightsuit's photo ops) the media would have given if Bush & CO staged this fly-over? Whatever dramatic pictures taken in the photo-op would be plastered all over the TeeVee and magazine covers to indicate how manly our Presnit is ... meanwhile the NYCers who fled would have been labeled as "effete liberals all too eager to cower before terrists".


Is our media learning? I think not ...

Yes but at least the media is correct in its coverage of the fact that it takes 60 seats to have a majority in the senate.
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