Tuesday, December 30, 2008


NY DMV is teh Suck

Even NJ has managed to have a DMV that works: why can't NY do this? Why did I have to wait over 2 hours just to exchange an FL for an NY license?

Of course, when someone like me has a meltdown out of the impatience, your average urban liberal will say "I think you need to get some therapy and an SSRI". But if this makes me a neurotic than a good percentage of suburbanites are neurotics.

Pace your typical urban liberal, most flight to the 'burbs is not due to "white flight" (although this does happen) but simply 'cause most people cannot stand the city. Nu? Why do urban liberals then tend to act like the majority of people are insane for not being able to deal with the crowds, the competition, etc. in the city?

What do most people do when faced with 2 hour waits at an urban DMV? They move to the 'burbs; they start hating government ... they become suburban GOoPers! Calling them off-balance ain't gonna win votes ... if we Dems want to get more votes, we need urban, Democratic liberal centers to be gleaming Cities on the Hill (rather than dismissing that whole concept). If people associate Democrats with urban corruption, government with 2+ hour waits at the DMV, etc., then big government liberalism (in spite of the 2006 and 2008 election results) is dead in the water.

If we want the general populace to embrace New Deal/Fair Deal/Great Society liberalism (that does in the large scale work like gangbusters!), we liberals have gotta show people that liberal, Democratic governance works! If big, Democratic cities are cesspools of corruption in which people cannot afford to live, people will think Democrats in charge means that they won't be able to afford the cost of living and that government will be a cesspool of corruption. If we build it (a city on the hill), though, they will come ...

I know I keep harping on this, but why doesn't the Democratic party finally clean house, take the lead against stupid rules and regulations, make sure every DMV in a Democratic city works, etc. ... to show what we Dems. are capable of when we are in charge ... rather than letting big cities and non-running government agencies, and the messes in them win votes for the GOP based on their supposed hatred of gummint and the urbane?

(c.f. letters in the most recent issue of the Queens Tribune which is not yet online alas)

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