Friday, October 10, 2008


Kosher Labels

Where does one find those nice sticky labels that you can use to mark your dishes as "meat" or "dairy"? My lovely wife is not a meat eater, so she's basically had only dairy dishes accessible. But now that there are two meat eaters in the house, we need to have both sets of dishes out and clear distinctions between them.

They seem to offer these labels (which you can run through the dishwasher and they'll still stick to the dishes, etc) every so often at local stores, but otherwise I can't even find them online. Any kosher-folk out there know what websites to check?

Have you ruled out the markers people make for glass and ceramics? Although I'm not sure how if at all the ink would affect the status of the plates/utensils involved...
Anyway the problem is solved -- Supersol on Main Street in Flushing (i.e. the Jewish part of Flushing that's almost into Kew Gardens) has them.

Markers would be ok as far as our level of Kashrus is concerned. Keeping them away from a very tall and inquisitive 3 y.o. while still having them accessible to us ... that's a whole 'nother story.

BTW on the subject of changing from a pescatarian to a fully meatatarian house -- I'm embarrassed to ask this in shul (and thus pretty much admit that I'm new to full Kashrus observance), but does anyone know the stance of the Conservative/Masorti movement on mixing fish and meat? If I cook with mixed fish and meat -- even if I wouldn't serve the results to frummies -- would frummies consider the dishes to then be traifed? I would like to still be able to use fish-based sauces in cooking meat, but I don't want to render our new, kosher dishes traif ... I want my frum friends to be comfortable eating in my house!
Fish is pareve! So no trouble.

My halakhic heroin, just in case you're not already familiar:

For all the questions you're too embarrassed to ask in shul.,2079830/Why-aren-t-fish-and-meat-eaten-together.html

Whew ... so at the very least I guess since this isn't technically part of Kashrus, I can still use my fish-based sauces with meat and everything will be ok (provided that the Rabbis were wrong about the health concern of mixing fish and meat in the first place).

Thanks for the link.
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