Wednesday, July 09, 2008


With apologies to Nietzsche (and Wagner) ...

... ein Niebelung ist beinahe schon ein Troll (I guess).

Again I have been mistaken for a regressive sexist pig-troll on a feminist site simply because I dared question the Puritanism (which they would mis-understand and attribute to the right) of the place. While I know "Timmy" (IIRC, that's what Nate calls him on these here internets, so I'll continue that tradition -- and, I am aware of all internet traditions. I hope "Timmy" doesn't mind me quoting this personal communication ... I figure I'm not divulging anything here anyway) questions my facebook identification of being "very liberal", I might boast that where I deviate from political correctness is not because I am less than liberal (although it is where I am "conservative", c.f. various posts on this here blog) I see the face (to use the language of Talmudic aggaddah) of liberalism whereas the others see the back of liberalism.

To whit, the issue at hand: there seem to be some in the feminist community that seem to feel that, I guess as redress for a history of men using and objectifying women, that the tables should now turn (Talmudic allusion not intended) and men should now be, and only be, at the, um, service of women. But (watch out for the Puritanism) a man should not feel any pleasure at being of service or, shall we say, pride in a job well done -- because then "it becomes about the man's ego" which is teh evil. I'm all for a bit of affirmative action to redress past wrongs, but this is a bit ridiculous.

Maybe I'm getting something wrong because I'm new to this sort of thing but it seems to me that healthy relationships are based on compromise. Healthy relationships are based on give and take. To expect one person to make changes without being meant half-way is patently unfair and sexist -- whether you expect the man to make changes or the woman to make changes.

How is it being sexist and regressive to ask that if one person in a relationship asks another to change, that person should be willing to change as well? How is it sexist to expect your partner to meet you half way? How is it sexist to expect that a woman take some degree of charge of her own wants, desires and needs and to actually bother to communicate them rather than expecting us men to magically know what our partners needs are? If anything, the so-called feminists were devolving into stereotypes about women themselves.

I guess I'm very lucky to have married such a lovely woman who believes in communication and in partnership. Some people who you'd think would be the first to believe in equality and partnership evidently are not -- and label you a regressive, sexist troll-pig just for being a Niebelung ;)

A regressive sexist pig-troll? My golly. I don't suppose it would be any better to be a progressive SPT? Or a happily adjusted and moderate PT? Perhaps a regressive sexist but otherwise, no this just isn't going to work -- it appears to be an all-or-nothing confuence. Drat.
Hello and Welcome to DAS Blog!

I agree with you, regressive-sexist pig-troll does appear to be a confluence, alas. But it sure is possible to be a progressive donkey-Niebelung ;)

BTW -- cerulean is one of my favorite colors!
Yeah, I hear ya. I'm a woman and get treated the same way because I don't hop on every feminist bandwagon that comes along. I've considered myself a feminist for most of my life, but I'm starting to wonder what that really means anymore and if I want to be associated with it. To me, it's not about dominating or hating men, as it seems to be for so many feminists these days.

For a group of people who preach so loudly against hate, feminists can be some of the most hateful people I've ever seen.


I guess it's an interesting confluence that we both (well I attempted to and my post got garbled because of some computer issues I was having, I reckon) posted on this issue in this past week.

Anyway, as you've noticed, I've commented on the post on your blog. And linked to it on my blog as well.

Well said.

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