Friday, July 18, 2008


NPR Blogging

Last night: "even the liberal NPR thinks the liberal media gives better coverage to Obama than McCain". Funny, they didn't mention anything about the nature of that coverage (positive or negative or concern trolling). And then NPR proceeded itself to give McCain's side of the story on just about everything.

Of course, they did call B.S. on McCain's "we need to apply the lessons of Iraq in Afghanistan" statement (although there was no challenge concerning the efficacy of the Great and Wonderful Surge(TM) opposed by Obama -- 'cause he's an defeato-crat or islamofascist sympathizer or something). Indeed, the liberal NPR displayed extreme liberal bias in having an expert, with direct experience in the military in both Afghanistan and Iraq explain the dealeo.

If you can dig up this story (my skillz with the great gazoogle are less than stellar), do listen to it. Especially "pro-Israeli" types should listen to it because many of the expert's "lessons from Iraq" apply very much to Israel's situation vis-a-vis Palestinian insurgents. Of course, what the expert (I forget his name) said goes 100% against what the "get tough on the Pals" crowd says. Which goes to show that for all of their "we're the non-naive ones" talk, they are either awfully ignorant of what works and what doesn't ... or, they just don't care about actual results or peace for Israel but about vengeance.

I understand why some Jews might feel like a little bit of vengeance after all through which we've been. But the Torah forbids it, so we should be Jews about it. Nu? The world isn't civilized? As the Talmud says, where others do not behave as humans, strive to be human. And let's stop with this "Israel should be tough and we need a US President who 'understands' this, no matter how bad he may be for the US" (and these same people complain when others accuse us Jews of "dual loyalty"?) -- we don't need to wave around our collective dicks ... we need results, which are to be achieved "not by might and not by power, but by the divine spirit".

Remember the Prophets were political advisors. And they spoke words of Truth. And they didn't advise Israel to try and make sure Egypt would remain an ally against Assyria. Nor did they advocate militaristic responses. Let's go with what is in our Teachings and with what works rather than pointless tough talk.

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