Monday, July 14, 2008


More Niebelungekeit

Ein Troll ist beinahe ein Niebelung. Eine was für Troll nicht ist.

Bonus German: one possible translation of troll into German is "Schleppangel". Maybe this would have a different connotation in German as English Yiddish, but it sure is interesting to think of trolls as schleppers, eh?

Update -- corrected.

Wow! Thanks for plug! :-D
You're welcome.
Namens meiner Ehefrau, bedanke ich mich bei Ihn'.:)
Wohl ... danke beide für herkommen ... Möglicherweise, wenn wir auf Deutsch schreiben, wird die Politische-Korrektheit-Polizei nicht das Gespräch, das wir über sie haben ...

Nu? ironies abound.

Anyway, I think what's going on here is, as I've stated, part of a larger problem the left has in gaining traction in America. The left has an amazingly cogent critique of privilege, yet lefties often don't see their own privilege. This was brought to the forefront in the Vietnam war -- many anti-war folks still don't understand how anti-hippy rhetoric continues to have resonance.

During the Vietnam war, the kids of working stiffs pretty much had to go to war. What other choice did they have? Meanwhile the kids of the professional class had enough family resources to support them even to the point if they'd have to flee for Canada or something like that.

Nu? What would you do if you were a working stiff who had no choice but to ship your kid off to 'Nam? You'd like to believe the war was right and all those "dirty hippies" are wrong.

Of course, the right exploited this to no end. And we liberals still cannot overcome the political effects of this exploitation ... in part because too many of us do not understand what privilege often is involved even in having the resources to "protest". Until those on the left face up to their own privilege (including their taking the privilege of deciding who is privileged and who isn't), left wing politics will just seem hypocritical -- especially to the under-privileged who have their narratives denied by the very same people who claim to champion the under-privileged.

You see this with poor whites, you see this with Zionism, you see this with certain issues of sexual mores (what prompted my original post) and even with body image issues and even with those who have been victims of domestic violence (the last people you'd expect the PC police to go after).

So long as the left is a parody of itself, how can it expect to gain traction? The right'll just say of us "the left is exactly like we say they are" and the right will continue to maintain traction for being, well, right about us.
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