Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hoping it would get attention ...

... I made the following, off topic comment at Eschaton:

A conservative friend of mine was asking about how us liberal types feel about Obama "pointing" a lot with his finger and almost "wagging" it.

I hadn't noticed this, but now that he mentions it, I know what he means.

We liberals have an image of being "elitists" and "condescending" (how is it that people think of GW Bush as being perchance arrogant but view Obama as "condescending"?). Perhaps part of the problem is the body language of our candidates?

Does Obama have people looking at these things in order to change that? Of course, if Obama changes that, then we'll get to hear how "slick" he is ...


Another thing -- how come many "conservative" Democrats, e.g. in the Midwest, identify as "social conservatives but economic liberals" then go and support candidates who are really no less socially conservative than the candidates they deem "too liberal" but who are more economically conservative than "the liberal candidate"? Then they ask why Dems emphasize social over economical liberalism?

Sorry to be an elitist, condescending liberal, but what is up with the lower information voters?

Meanwhile, I have a hodgepodge of "Give me money (that's what I want)", "What I say" and "That's alright Mama" in my head. Whatever happened to having acid jazz and Chicago blues style versions of "Dark Holler Blues" in my head?

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