Thursday, July 10, 2008


Balak B-logging

Again ... an actual "weekly parsha blogging" entry during the week of the parsha! Don't expect this to become a habit, though.

Anyway, just something short -- this week's parsha contains the verse (Numbers 24:2 -- describing what Balaam saw in the Israelite camp) from which the R. Yohannan deduces that one has a right to privacy (BT Bava Batra 60a) ... I think there might be a more direct verse about this elsewhere in the Torah, but the Talmud cites this verse.

Also of interest (via the JTS e-mail I get via my wife's shul's listserv): the theological meaning of Garfield without Garfield (warning -- link might not work on Mozilla Firefox ... which seems to alas be happening more and more often nowadays ... oy gevalt! first Lynx goes by the wayside, now Mozilla Firefox).

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