Thursday, June 26, 2008


Quick Media Updates

John McCain has a rather annoying campaign ad in which he shows a bunch of good things (generally associated with a liberal outlook, e.g. environment, etc) and says he supports them. I wonder how many people will fall for this ad: "ooh, look McCain is not some fanatical winger, he's all mavericky and lurves the environment and such"?

In covering the child-rape issue, NPR managed to play Obama's statement but not McCain's. This is very important: it's one thing for the media to repeat what someone says, but it's another thing to play the tape. Even when the media plays a tape of GW Bush stumbling over his speech whilst it reports a counter-argument as if it were "objective", GW Bush still wins, because people will believe what they hear first (the BushCO spin) while people dismiss the second argument as "the work of the liberal media", which argument is mangled even more than GW Bush mangles his message, as the media are not pro-spin-meisters or politicos.

Nu? Having the media actually report the Dem. candidate's actual words is a big plus. Now if the media will actually be balanced and you'd get a clip from each candidate ...

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