Sunday, June 08, 2008


It's About #@%$ing Time

Yesterday, Kent Brockman, er, Scott Simon made one of his editorial comments, and I have to excuse the big mistake he made (JFK the first Catholic nominee from a major party? What? Al Smith's chopped liver?), because he finally got it right. He was describing how Obama succeeded not because he transcended politics but because he's really good at politics. And he managed to make this point without displaying any of the usual (from the media) disgust about the rough and tumble politics of a democratic republic.

Perhaps the media has finally taken to heart the Madisonian vision on which our system of governance is founded? Maybe soon more of the citizenry will stop with their "kewl kids'" above-it-all attitude toward the life of the polis and actually engage as citizens of a democratic-republic rather than adopting the neo-feudalist attitudes of the self-proclaimed elites even as they realize those elites are "out of touch" (which, thanks to the "up is down" reference working campaign of the GOP, they falsely ascribe to some sort of liberalism on the part of those elites)?

Maybe there is hope for our body politic after all? Kent Brockman, er, Scott Simon not sounding condescending toward mass politics is quite a big step, after all, and one to be celebrated.

Perhaps I am going to far you say? Well, as I am wont to point out, we miss a lot of the key lessons of the Prophets by de-politicizing them. Can politics be our salvation? Well, what is the Messiah but a really good politician?

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