Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Domestic Abuse Reporting

I have seen evidence of domestic violence amongst my neighbors. I want to report it. How come when I google domestic violence abuse reporting Tallahassee (or Florida or Leon County) or report instead of reporting, I get tons of resources but no actual hotline information? If I drop the location indication I get some by state hotline numbers, but nothing more localized.

In this internet age, how come there are so many resources about (statistics, causes, effects, etc) domestic violence but so few to deal with "this couple in your apartment complex has injuries indicating they've had a physical fight -- I can't mediate this by myself: to whom do I report this before one of them hurts the other with more than just scratch marks or a bloodied eye?" situations.


Update: I called the National Hotline and they said that there isn't much a bystander can do in these situations except, well, meddle like Mary Worth. I have some contact information for the lady involved now and I guess I can tell the guy (who is a disabled vet) to ask for some more mental health support from the VA ... but evidently, there's not much else I can do.

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