Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Commuting Stupidity

In my soon-to-be job/living situation I will be commuting from NYC to NJ. Now NYC has good public transport, but not all of NJ has good public transport. So why not leave my car at the train station over night and commute by car only on the NJ side? Well, of course, they close all the parking lots at the train stations.

This seems like a missed opportunity to get at least some more people driving less.


It turns out there are Park & Rides at which I could leave my car overnight -- but the ones that are close enough to pay really don't provide me with any real time savings for my commute. OTOH, ignoring traffic (which is a big thing to ignore, but still ...) commuting via my own car takes less than half the time as commuting via public transport would. If it takes more time to get to work via public transport than via car in the very dense NYC area, is it any wonder so many people decide to drive?

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