Monday, May 26, 2008


Back from Italy ...

... land of rectangular toilet seats and orange egg yolks ... and Grappa (which is quite the opposite of what I expected: instead of being rough and harshly flavored, it was smooth and creamy flavored, albeit with a definite sulfurous note, presumably from the sulfites in grapes and also added to prevent bacterial growth in the wine-making process).

However, I did have a certain sugar cane derived product from a certain country we'll call "Habanero Klub". It was wonderful. It had the herbalness of Cruzon and the just plain-rummyness of Barcelo -- all in one good package. When we trade with China so we can purchase shlock for even cheaper prices, the economic openness will help bring democracy, but the FSM forbid we get affordable yet luxurious consumer goods from Cuba, eh?

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