Thursday, April 24, 2008


You Heard it Here First

McCain is stepping up his campaigning on "the Dem nominee will raise your taxes, which, in this economy, y'all know you can't afford -- vote for me, I'll cut government spending". As people have pointed out, even if McCain were motivated to cut spending, he probably couldn't cut entitlement spending much without people realizing "hey, you may not be raising my taxes, but your screwing me out of the money to which I am entitled" and can't cut earmarks without offending key supporters.

I have heard noises that McCain is actually gonna cut military spending. Look out in the coming weeks/months for supposedly independent "news analysts" and pundits to start talking about how "like it took Nixon to go to China, the military-backgrounded McCain is in a unique position to actually be able to cut the bloated defense budget as if Clinton or Obama did it, people [like me] would accuse the President of not supporting our troops ... but people know St. John supports the troops, so he'll be able to cut defense spending". FWIW, I bet he also has a secret plan to get us out of Vietnam, er, Iraq.

If I'm right about this, can I get a lucrative job prognosticating political trends as a pundit? Oh, wait a minute -- they pay people to be wrong, not to be right ... otherwise Michael Moore (who called the need for a new cold war, er, the war on terrorism over 10 years ago, c.f. Canadian Bacon, etc.) would be on all the TeeVee gabfests and the current punditocracy would be the ones being dismissed as propagandists with weight problems.

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