Friday, April 25, 2008


Wow ... This Blog's Almost Updated Daily

but I'm not makin' any vow to do that (as they say you should say to be on the safe side).

Anyhoo ... sometimes the news sure is stupid. NPR had a segment on how the French have soured on Sarkozy. Wow! I never saw that coming < / sarcasm >. Come on folks -- if you have a choice between Bush and Kerry, er, Sarkozy and Royale, I understand how Kerry, er, Royale could turn you off with her general attempts to seem "tough" or whatever it was that she did that made her just look like a jerk ... but Sarkozy was in the public eye enough, the French people should have known what they were getting.

IIRC, as I said in the last French election, the French are starting to turn into Americans ... and indeed they sure are: they voted for a turd sandwhich (Southpark reference, in case you don't get it) knowing who he was and now are upset about it? Unless they were so dense they didn't know who the Sark was when they voted for him ... and how purposely dense is that (insert joke about French tastes here). How much ya wanna bet that at the next election, they'll vote for Sarkozy again in spite of what he is because they decide the other candidate isn't "serious" or something?

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