Saturday, April 12, 2008


Things That Confuse Me

* Since when does being a friend to [X] mean you can't critize [X]? Since when does loving [X] mean you can't criticize [X]? Does a true friend let someone do something self-destructive? To hear certain neo-con types talk, ya start to wonder -- how much do they spoil their kids if they think that loving [X] means not criticizing X?

* How was Obama's latest comment about working-class whites being bitter elitist and out of touch? That sounds like some major projection on HRC, the media's, et al's part ... I wish Obama wouldn't have tried to "clarify" what he said but to stand by it (and to quote MLK saying similar things -- how many people actually remember that MLK's famous speech Our God Is Marching On contained a very succinct account of how segregation was part of a larger plan primarily to keep the white working classes down?). Obama's so-called gaffe really could have been a way for him to reach out to white, working class voters ... but by running away from it, he lost the opportunity to embrace a message that, since Edwards' leaving the campaign, has been absent (and which could be a winning message). But by running away when someone says boo -- Obama has just done what every Democrat running away from the liberal image is doing ... why the #@$% did he do that?!?

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