Monday, April 21, 2008


Pesach, Shabbos HaGadol and Achrey Mos Blogging

It almost seems that the allusion to the deaths of Aaron's sons at the beginning of this last week's parsha was along the lines of Dershowitz' hypothesis about God himself learning morality. Is this because morality is, as the realists/natural law theorists might say, something to be discovered? Or is there another lesson here?

Perhaps the kasha about God not appearing in the Purim story (but maybe not about Moshe not being in the Haggaddah) is related. The reason for the delay of the rule against entering the Holy of Holies except on Yom Kippur is that God did not know his own power until after the death of Aaron's sons: God is as suprised by what happened as Cain is by the death of Abel. The answer to the question can God make a stone too heavy for God to lift is perhaps " even God cannot know that". Maybe that's what Milton Steinberg would say? Perhaps God is in the Purim story as God, pace Einstein, does play dice with the universe?


On Shabbos HaGadol, in preparation for our hope for Elijah at the seder, we read of Malachi's promise of the return of Elijah. Until Elijah's return, since Malachi, we have not had a Navi. Imagine if we had a Navi. Given all the rhetoric surrounding those who dare criticize the US or Israel, could you imagine the reception such a Navi would get? Perhaps, until we can do a better job accepting criticism, God cannot and will not send Elijah -- which means no Moschiach until we are more humble?

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