Monday, April 21, 2008


Nice Polite Republicans


-- Lincoln Chafee was complaining about there being "too many extremists on both sides" and praising "the gang of 14" and then complained that Dems. didn't do enough to block the Iraq war? I guess he's in no position as a nominal, somewhat former Republican (and "independent") to be otherwise, but what wankery! Will someone point out that the Dems. are ineffective not because they are a bunch of dirty hippy moonbats but because they are too afraid of being liberals to make a stand? That us "extremists" were wanting the Dems. to take a stand whilst the leadership was effete not out of liberalism but out of a lack thereof?

-- Ira Glass (he probably thinks he's a Democrat) thinks that Geoff Davis' appology was a good example of heart-felt and exemplary whilst Obama's (and Clinton's) were not? Well, AFAIC, a fake gaffe deserves a fake apology. Meanwhile, how is an "apology" in which you say you didn't mean to impugn someone's integrety when that is exactly what you meant to do in any way exemplary? The frightening thing is that this sort of wankery by hipsters (which is pro-GOoPer) is what gives us liberals a bad name. Nu? How's that?



Candidate for U.S. Congress

Buckner, Ky., 40010

U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis has made national news in with a remark he made recently at a Republican fundraising event. He was quoted as saying of Sen. Barack Obama: "That boy's finger does not need to be on the button…"

I do not know what was going through Davis' mind when he made these remarks, nor do the people commenting on Davis' remark. Racism has been a serious problem in our country and unfortunately still exists. Ironically, Obama has himself done much recently to help our nation confront the remnants of racism. Since racism is such an important issue, charges of racism should not be leveled lightly.

We do not know what was in Geoff Davis' heart when he used the poorly chosen word "boy," but at this point it is fair to say we do not have the appropriate weight of evidence to judge this as an intentionally racist remark.

Poor judgment? Yes. Deliberately intended to diminish Obama as an individual and denigrate his experience? Self-evidently. Fanning the flames of partisanship that paralyze our government? Absolutely. But racist? We can not afford to make a snap judgment in such a weighty matter as labeling someone racist. It seems regrettable that a possible verbal gaffe has drawn national disapproval to Davis when his voting record in Congress, which is clear and incontrovertible, should be far more influential in helping folks form their opinions of Davis.

He has voted against providing health care for children via SCHIP. Davis has voted to protect the payday lending industry, an industry which rewarded him with the dubious honor of donating more money to his campaign than to any other representative or senator. And Davis has continued to carry George W. Bush's water in defense of the disastrous ongoing occupation in Iraq.

I strongly feel that Davis' votes give any reasonable observer ample reason to disapprove of his performance, wit hout requiring us to speculate about his recent controversia!

Michael Kelley, MD
(Michael J Kelley for Congress - Mike Bailey, Treasurer)
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