Monday, April 28, 2008


Historical Analogies

Analogies to "Munich" are overworked ... so let's have "Snyder's addendum" to Godwin's law about analogizing any act of war avoidance to Munich (especially when some of the "containment" strategies being proposed are exactly what we should have done at Munich). In the meantime, too many nit-wit "free traders" don't seem to understand a whit about what happened in the Irish Potato Famine. If you wanna use a historical analogy, perhaps you should give Munich a rest and reference the Potato famine instead?

Just a suggestion ... could make for some interesting threads though:

A: War! War! War!
B: I think that we need to reach a compromise, instead
A: Your attitude is just like that of Chamberlain at Munich, er that which produced the Irish Potato famine
B: Swha?

See pro-war folks? This'll be good for y'all as you can confuse your opponents in argument to the point where they just can't respond! (warning: approach does not work in actual wars with guns and such -- but this won't matter to chickenhawks who ain't enlisting anyways).

offtopic- saw your comment at feministe; re: the feministe Vogue bitching
If they were basketball fans, instead of women, they’d know that far from being a put up job by racist Vogue editors, LeBron probably made the face himself, naturally. Its one of his signature “grimaces” after he scores or makes a big play:
Lebron photo
that was on the first page of google images, I’ll wager there are 50 more where that came from. I’ve seen him do it dozens of times, and they don’t telecast Cavs games down here very often, I’m a transplanted Ohioan in Florida. He’s becoming such a big star, they might start, though, thankfully.

But still, if they want to make something out of nothing, or assign motives where they don’t exist, I’m sure this won’t stop them.
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