Sunday, March 02, 2008


Weekly Parsha Blogging

Many Rabbis and lay leaders consider this last week's parsha, a recapitulation of what's involved in rebuilding the Mishkan, to be a difficult one from which to extract sermons.

'Cept there is tons of Hassidic commentary on various turns of phrase: the similarity in the Hebrew word for "socket" and for Lord, the basin (in the Haftarah), the mirrors used to make the lavar (c.f. Lacan's remarks about mirrors and identity -- mirrors are what allowed the Jewish people to continue even as we were slaves in the Land of the Narrow Straights -- a literal translation of the Hebrew name for Egypt), Chochma, Binah and Da'at, etc.

Let me add (c.f. my earlier blog post about the calyxes) the role of collaborations between Judeans and Danites is also a trope (pardon the pun) worthy of comment. Nu? What does it say that the Priestly Chronicles record the tradition that Hiram was part Danite while the Deuteronomaic source of Kings has Hiram being from the quasi-Phoenecian tribe of Naphtali?

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