Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Tally Notes

For y'all local yokels:

(1) Didy'all here 'bout that there incinerator in disguise hwaet they's plannin' to build heres in Tally? There is a public meeting tonight (6:30 PM) in City Hall (2nd Floor). Alas, I cannot make it.

Related links (Environmental Orgs in hwaech all y'all hippy-dippy readers of this here blog-thang might be interested): Greenaction and Global Aliance for Incinerator Alternatives.

(2) We have all sorts of health-care crises hitting our fair city and some in the county want to shut down an advisory board that has some constructive role to play, if only in having public meetings at which people have a forum to talk about what a mess health-care-wise we're in? I don't have any details, but if any of y'all are fellow Tally-folk, you might be interested in gettin' some details.

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