Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Some Commentwhoring

I know it's a little late for Super Tuesday, but here are some thoughts on the race from comments I've made elsewhere:

On McCain, Romney, et al. (let me add -- at least, from McCain to Obama, all the candidates do seem to at least have gotten good evaluations on "works well with others" in kindergarden, unlike our current pResident) -- I wish I could have voted in the GOP primary: I much more care about that race (I'd rather have Romney than McCain as the GOP nominee -- as Romney I think would be easier to defeat, but if the GOoPer should alas win, I'd rather have Romney as Pres. than McCain contra my earlier support of a McCain VeePdom -- I guess I'd prefer Romney 'cause I'm a flip-flopper?).

On HRC, Obama and the smear machine

On my plan we should have implimented.

John McCain is probably the most dangerous person running. That man has seldom seen a war he didn't want the United States involved with. He is quasi-sane, John McCain.
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