Monday, February 25, 2008


McCain and Lieberman, Sittin' in a Tree ...

Listening to David Keane (sp?) on NPR on my drive into work this morning reminds me that wingnuts hate McCain for the same reason that moonbats hate Lieberman. But would NPR have the liberal equivalent of David Keane on the radio explaining nicely what exactly the moonbat beef with Lieberman is?

Meanwhile they have Keane on complaining that McCain, in his victory speech for VA, had only moderate Republicans on the stage and had George Allen in the backround. George Allen? Imagine if a liberal made a similar complaint? They'd be laughed off the air followed by talk of "those liberals are stupid to associate themselves with someone disgraced like that".

OTOH, conservatives will cite this as an example of liberal bias on NPR: "NPR, being liberal, covers up liberal dirty laundry while they force rope into the hands of conservatives who hang themselves by saying positive things about George Allen ... NPR makes sure that we never hear liberals do this because they are liberally biased on make sure liberals are shown in the best of lights" ... of course, we all know how ridiculous this is, but people do, amazingly, think this way!

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