Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know I'm late to this ...

... but while Obama ought to have performed the Mitzvah of citing his source, how can you call a big ticket politician using someone else's words without citing them plagiarizing and make such a big deal out of it? Don't certain politicians use, e.g., speechwriters' words without citing them? Nu? Why not just say D. Patrick was being Obama's speech writer?

... I had a better post with a better title, but I ended up having my brain sucked out by yet another time in the airport. Please ... people with useful Congresscritters (as opposed to my local, useless blue-dog): start writing them to urge them to stop putting any money into the airlines until the airlines stop playing with us! This time 'round I had called the airline (twice because the weather looked like it would be delay inducing) and they said "no delays". But my flight was delayed, I missed my connection (even though they assured me I would make it) and had to spend the night in Atlanta, and all they did was give me a "discounted" voucher for a hotel. WTF?!? It wasn't as if the weather changed from the last time I called ... why didn't they realize they would have a delay?


Also, I forget what exactly caught my eye, but looking at my wife's old Sunday Timeseses' Book Review sections, there did seem to be a preponderance of reviews that I'm surprised haven't received a bunch o' discussion on these here internets. Maybe that I've already forgotten which reviews they were is somehow correlated to why they've not been discussed? Still, if anyone of y'all (and don't all speak up at once ... ;) ) has anything to say, feel free to post some meta-reviews in the comments!

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