Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Stuck in the Airport Blogging

When I have enough time and mental energy, I think I'll blog about some of my and my family's airport travails in traveling to/from my wedding. Perhaps something along the lines of the passengers' bill of rights they have in NYC is in order nationally? Anybody with ideas -- please contact your Senators and Congresscritters! I know I'll be contacting mine ...

Anyway, the Hazan at my wife's (wow ... that's gonna be a change ... to refer to her as "my wife" rather than "my fiancee" ... and to get used to wearing a ring!) shul was widely complimented by all my friends. Appropriately for his Yekke ancestry, the service was compared to Wagnerian music drama.

Could I be on to something? Richard "Some of my best friends are Jewish" Wagner, that rather anti-Semite of a composer who didn't like the aesthetics of the Jewish religious service, was perhaps also one of the most Jewish composer and the composer whose works best captured the sacred music of Judaism?


Update: in answer to a question I raised in the comments, I see from the link to my site from Nate's site that the Giants won, if I remember what the link text said correctly ... anyway, if you need the answer, see Nate's site!

That cantor was fantastic!! And the bride looked great too!! And I even missed The Giants game!! Mazel Tov... it was a terrific wedding!! Btw, I once spent 17 hours stuck in The Pittsburgh Airport so you have a ways to go before I give you any rachmonis!
In the airport or on the tarmac stuck in a plane with inadaquate provisions?

Anyway, we're so glad you could make it, even with the Giants game (who won?) on. Of course the bride looked great -- I'm shallow, do you think I would marry someone who isn't teh hawt?

But nu? After all of these compliments and comments is the FHJC cantor now going to try out for the role of Siegfried the next time the Met does Der Ring Des Niebelungen?
To clarify, the stuck on the tarmac experience was my parents'.

I actually was stuck in the airport only 7 or so hours, which isn't too long. If I would have took the flight on which I was originally scheduled (rather than calling my wife to pick me up and me taking the taxi early in the morning back to the airport to catch the next flight to Charlotte), I would have been stuck in the Charlotte airport for 14.5 hours, so I guess Nate's story still tops mine.
My airport story: I was in Pittsburgh for a friends wedding and there was a storm in Newark causing all incoming flights to be delayed. Instead of doing the smart thing and renting a car to drive home I waited and waited and waited.

Since this was before I met my wife, I was traveling solo and as the hours dragged on, a pretty woman on the flight approached me to give some hell to the airline represntative who was about to speak with us about the horrific delays for our flight. As I got myself psyched to tear into the airport rep (and to impress the chickie...) I suddenly heard...

"Hey Nate... Is that you?"

It was an old college buddy who I hadnt seen in about 10 years who had just landed in Pittsburgh!!
Heres an exclusive sneak preview of the new vid!
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