Monday, January 28, 2008


Sorry to go all Tom Friedman on Y'all ...

... but CNN's reporting that since Gaza's borders have opened, rocket attacks on Israel have decreased. Hmmm ... maybe isolating Gaza and giving no hope to the people there -- letting the terrorist narrative about how Israelis are teh evil win out -- and responding to rocket attacks with the blunt instraments of "targetted strikes" in which you create yet more innocent victims who then get mad at Israel, all the while not showing any strength because you are hiding behind superior technology (and I don't blame Israelis -- I'd hide too!) is not the way to go? Maybe if Palestinians weren't so hopeless, etc., they'd "move on" from having lost Palestine ... like Sudetens, Karelians, European Jews, etc. have all moved on from our losses?

What was it that Micah said about might and power and spirit?

Of course, so many in Israel are just so hell bent on looking strong, they end up looking like asses -- which love to look strong, don't they?

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