Monday, January 28, 2008


More McCain Cheering

Who says the news you get reading blogs is any fresher than any other sort of news? E.g., on this blog, you can read about how MS Word is teh suck or about how the media is biased toward McCain. I guess, given the nature of this blog, I'll put a religious spin on it and say "nothing is new under the sun".

Anyhoo ...

In honor of our impending primary here in FL, our local NPR affiliate had someone give a report on what (if anything) the Senate records of HRC, BHO and JE say about what they might be like as Pres. I missed most of that, but what I heard was Orrin Hatch performing a, um, hatchet job on Edwards. I wonder if they had balanced that with any positive coverage of any of the Dem. candidates.

They did balance that with a report on the main GOP candidates. For each candidate they made sure to have a positive statement and a negative statement (with the negative statement about Romney being given by Barney Frank and introduced by the newscaster saying how Romney's record with the truth "contrasts" with that of McCain). But what kind of negative statement could they give about McCain? That he's "prickly" -- and they even spun that as positive -- "you get frustrated when you tell the truth" or something like that.

Wow! The media still lurves them some McCain, don't they (even though the "GOP establishment hates McCain" or so said -- approximately -- Rep. Ross-L. in rather glowing terms about the man ... I guess McCain is a maverick(TM) -- which identification must have ol' Maurey rolling in his grave)? They don't love St. Rudy anymore, though ... the only good thing our local NPR affiliate could say about him was that he became friends with Peter Vallone.

I wonder if anyone will call this station on their biases?

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