Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Follow Up Parsha Blogging

Prof. Eric A. was on the case last week and someone responded.

Meanwhile, this morning on my drive in, NPR was discussing the primary race in FL, so I was trying to imagine alter-kockers discussing the primaries ...

Mazel Tov on your up and coming wedding. I'm friends with your friend Dev.
Baruch Diev and Welcome to DAS Blog!
You are very welcome. Enjoy your bachelor party. Remember Dev has work the next day!!
Alberich, I lost your e-mail address in a recent bleaching of my hard disc.

I've gotten my blog going again and posted an essay there. It's just under 8,000 words. Back after five months and already, blog whoring. I've got no shame.
Welcome back to blogging! Feel free to blog-whore here all y'all want! And it turns out my readership is bigger than I thought ... so maybe blog-whoring here is not such a bad idea.

I'll read the essay as soon as I get back to normal. I was supposed to arrive in Tally yesterday, but I'll not arrive until late afternoon today thanks to weather delays.
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