Wednesday, December 19, 2007


If It's Good Enough For Jonah, It's Good Enough for Me

I think, given Jonah's book, I should write a book (c.f. The Rhetoric of Reaction) about "Conservative Communism".

But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about "blegging":

This morning I heard a most interesting song -- from what I could tell about this. The song was a kind of Jethro Tull-esque neo-British song (with a touch of Brian Wilson-like studied disorganization and staggering of a not-quite round, not quite in sync collection of verses song almost on top of each other). But the string accompaniment, instead of being typically British, sounded almost Ukrainian (btw, was there any Slavic influence on British music due to slave trading?). It was all and all quite striking.

Does anybody know anything about this song?

Meanwhile, I have stuck in my head all sorts of old time mountain music ...


In other radio listening news, NPR played an extended statement from one of the Democratic FCCers last night. Why can't NPR play statements from the likes of him more often, instead of the usual rabid sounding back-benchers or capitulationist Blue Dogs they like to play whenever they need to balance GOP talking points with "something liberal"? This guy articulated his points well, had good voice modulation and a down-home Southern-sounding accent. This is the kind of voice we need for the Democratic party, not the gating (or on the other hand, unctuously smooth sounding), un-modulated, not even making a good case for the liberal side voices the party currently has.

I've stopped listening to NPR very much. Diane Rehm's show was about the last one I listened to fairly regularly and she lot me permanently yesterday when she had on Kimberly Kagan and today she had on some Cato Institute flunky about the mortgage meltdown. If I want to hear that junk I'd buy cable again. I'd like to see recent FAIR type analysis of NPR's guest list as compared to FOX or CNN, they seem to have on the same stable of hacks. Someone should tell Rehm that she's losing cred that way.

Last week I had Dorothy Shay singing "Feudin' and Fightin" going through my head over and over. It got to be too much.
Actually this morning I got smart and listened to the college radio station instead. They have quite the eclectic selection of music. I love me some college radio station music.

Why do I keep listening to NPR? I guess I'm an addict .... I know it's nothin' but trouble, yet I keep going back.


Specifically, I am thinking of a wonderful album of Old Time Mountain Ballads. To me, Willie Moore has gottabe the epitome of an old timey mountain song.
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