Monday, October 15, 2007


What I should have said ...

... in my sermon last Shabos as an example of what Deutero-Isaiah meant regarding buying food without money:

The synagogue I attend is a small, lay-led synagogue in which everyone plays a role. As our ritual chair says "there's no such thing as a free kiddush lunch"; everyone has to play a part in the religious service. Does that mean we all have to fork out sponsorships? No ... what it does mean is that we all have to perform some sort of service to buy our food. And perhaps the best form (self-servingly says the poor post-doc) is when you don't have to pay with money but with love of God with all your soul, heart and might. C.f. what Rev. RMJ said about hospitality ...


Speaking of things which do satisfy, however. My fiancee's been making turkey meat-balls for the young-'un. Which has tempted me to make turkey meat-balls for myself. Which I did.

I like to deglaze the pan afterward by pouring a (drained) can of crushed pineapple and a little rum on it. With some extra spices, you get a wonderful pineapple-rum chutney to go with the meat-balls (and either pasta or rice). I usually like to use Dominican rum, which I couldn't find yesterday. So I tried Cruzon dark instead. It's a very bizarre rum -- I guess it's the oak aging, but it tastes quite herbal actually. Anyway, it was excellent in making the pineapple-rum chutney!

In other cooking notes -- I tried to make bagels this past weekend. They came out good, but not quite bagel-like. I think it's the recipe (from the normally excellent Settlement Cookbook) ... or at least I'll blame the recipe rather than myself. Anyway, why should I have trusted a bagel recipe calling for milk (I substituted soy)? Who has heard of such sacrilege?


Update: I mixed some of the rum with lime seltzer. Judging by the results, I bet (again, no french-fry bets Debu) Cruzon rum would make a mighty good (as judged by my outer Epicurean if not my inner Essentialist) daiquiri, which is only a chick drink if you make it with flavorless white rum ... not if you use full flavored rum. ;)

Uh oh ... do my feminist credentials get yanked for using the phrase "chick drink"?

So when is the wedding??

And also don't forget to give ol' Nate some of the credit for meeting your lovely fiance! The couple that introduced you, met through myself and Trophy Wife...
Everybody keeps asking that question ...

I hereby give Nate and his Trophy Wife credit for introducing the couple that introduced my fiancee and I.
I usually like to use Dominican rum, which I couldn't find yesterday.

My brother's Dominican wife divorced him, or he her, it's complicated. I hardly ever drink but the rum her parents used to send to my other brother (who they liked better than their son in law, it's complicated) seems to be a thing of the past. It was good, not the icky sweet tasting stuff you can get around here in the woods of Maine.
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