Monday, October 15, 2007


TNR funnies

Go to TNR and search for Pinker (or, I guess, Lakoff): it seems they are having a grudge match in the pages of TNR. How exciting! If you, like me, don't have a life ;)

I posted on this last winter, people couldn't believe how nasty they were. Geoffery Nunberg weighted in on the dispute at TNR blog and was classier than the two bigger name linguists. I left it there.

They're still at it? Tell me, has Lakoff pulled Pinker's hair yet? Is it real?

Hello, Alberich. I'm done with the cul-de-sac I got stuck in earlier and will be visiting more often. Maybe I'll even post on my own blog again.
Good to have you back. :)

I did not look at the datelines for these articles. This could be a very old story ... and I'm sure I read about this on your blog (I remember it, in fact, now that you mention it ... but my memory is not so good sometimes, I reckon).

I just thought this was interesting (I was searching for another Pinker article -- TNR's website is such that if you post links into gmail's chat feature, they get ... what would be a less strong form of FUBAR ... "beyond some recognition" FUBSR -- so a friend gave me a link via chat which got FUBSRed and then I had to search for it and I stumbled upon this story, which may be very old).

But I agree with you .. sheeze!
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