Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Election Prognostication

How much ya wanna bet (sorry, "king of the gods" ... no french-fry bets ... I've learned that lesson not to bet against you a long time ago) that if Giuliani and/or Romney wins the GOP nomination (as looks increasingly likely), the media will forget about Giuliani's foreign policy team and Romney's kissing up to the right and frame the nomination of a "socially liberal Republican" as a sign the GOP has turned back from extremism and is the true party of moderation?

How much do you wanna bet that if the Dems. nominate Obama or Edwards or almost whomever, the person will be presented by the media as "a candidate of the liberal base of the party" while if HRC wins, she'll be presented by the media as "a candidate widely perceived to be too liberal" (no matter what polls actually say about perceptions)? Meanwhile if the GOP nominates a righty-tight, it'll be IOKIYAR ...

And no matter what, how much do you wanna bet that the editorials will support the Dem. candidate, reporters will sneer at the GOP candidate and patronize the "salt of the earth people" supporting him, and everything else will happen such that the GOP can continue to play the "even the liberal media" game whenever the media tacks toward the GOP and play the "liberal media is biased against us game" when the media uncovers anything bad about the GOP?

It's amazing how that all works ... you'd almost think something was up with that ... hmmm ... nu?

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