Thursday, October 11, 2007


Better NPR

They actually called it "spying" rather than "surveillance" and let the Democrat speak first. Does this -- and their relatively balanced reporting of the auto-workers' contract negotiations (they've not made the workers out to be a bunch of whiners itching to strike as was their wont) make up for their CAFTA boosterism as of late?

BTW -- Rep. Hoekstra's an idiot who seems to have flunked civics: what rights are we extending to "jihadists" that we don't extend to others? since when do we "extend" rights anyway? I thought rights were supposed to be inaliable -- and only should be taken away with proper legal processes ... Rep. Conyers may have been using bumper-sticker level slogans (good for him, actually! this gets the point accross better than we Dems. usually manage to do), but at least he seems to understand how a democratic republic works!

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