Thursday, October 11, 2007


Armenian Genocide

What everybody on the left side of the 'nets is saying.

Yep. We understand why Bush (like other Presidents) is trying to block the resolution. It's bizarre that the Israel lobby is against the resolution (and, violating Godwin's law, so much, given Hitler's statements on the matter, for them being supportive of Jewish interests ... therefore are W&M really anti-Semites?).

But ... my question: why now? People want the Dem. Congress to pass laws to bring the troops home, not to pass non-binding resolutions regarding something that happened almost 100 years ago. It just re-enforces stereotypes about Congress and liberals and our effeteness.

Of course, there is always "if not now, when?" ... but who, even among us Jews, actually pays attention to Pirke Avos anymore?

Unless this is part of a clever scheme to stop the war without the Democrats being blamed as the party that lost the war -- by provoking Turkey to withdraw their support leading to a forced withdrawl by us. Very clever indeed. But won't the Democrats still get blamed for provoking Turkey?

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