Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We Are All Arabs Now

Yesterday I was listening to an NPR report on Lebanon. A Lebanese fellow was saying how the recent attacks on Israel by Hezbollah were a good thing because the Arab world has been humiliated so many times and it's good for them to have had a victory.

A few thoughts:

If humiliation is what drives Arab resentment against the West and Israel, though, is it so good for Israel to have policies all but designed to humiliate Arabs and stoke resentment?

If you'll pardon the Godwin's law violation: isn't this the same logic used by some to support Hitler?

This was a key reason, both in rhetoric as well as de facto, as to why invaded Iraq post-9/11 -- to show we were still strong. Perhaps post-9/11, it wasn't the case that "we are all Israelis now" but that "we are all Arabs now". Nu? So how are "they" different from "us" then?

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