Monday, August 13, 2007


The GOP Primary

It'll be interesting to see behind whom the right gets.

If they get behind Huckabee, one can argue that social conservatism is a bona fide position: these people really deeply believe that "morality" is what they claim to believe it is ... even at a sub-conscious level. Which means that Huckabee's like of frighteningness is ironically more frightening than if they were supporting an authoritarian nut: it's one thing to think that righty-tighties take the positions they do because they can be used as cudgels, but sometimes it's the true believers who, even if they are kinder people, are really scarier.

OTOH, if the right gets behind Giuliani, doesn't that show that they really, deep down, don't care for social conservatism but really are just in it because their "morality" is such a good cudgel?

Of course, it could be that right-wing support for either Huckabee or Giuliani would be the equivalent of left-wing support for Kerry: they figure that the kind-hearted Huckabee (see I made a movie reference ;) ). or the more socially liberal Giuliani would be more "electable" than the others. In which case, since I am feeling charitable, I'll remind my friends on the right how well Kerry worked out for us moonbats ;).

Meanwhile, from what I can tell, the religious right seems to be growing more and more accepting of Romney, FWIW.

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