Sunday, August 05, 2007


Eikev Blogging

The Torah reading this past week included the Second Paragraph of the Sh'ma. At shul, the person doing the d'rash this week, brought this to our attention.

Also, we are reading some of the most beautiful parts of the "spiritual materialist" Deutero-Isaiah. Do note the connection between Deutero-Isaiah prophesizing upon the return of the Judeans to Israel and the Deuteronomist who established Judaism as a religion rather than a national cult to keep our people together in the diaspora (consider also how this is part of the already established Jewish trend of seperating sacred from the rest ... and of seperation of church and state!). Note that both hearken back to earlier Prophets (respectively, Isaiah and Moses) ... and that both are, in a way, secularists.

Of course, I'll either have more to say about the philosophy of Deutero (Tritero) Isaiah next week if I have the time (and the links between the Torah and Haftarah for this coming week), otherwise I'll link to what I wrote last year ;)

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